Tips for Driving in the Fall

Fall is here and the weather is cooling down. It's the perfect time for apple cider, picking pumpkins, and sitting by the fireplace. During this time the roads can become more dangerous and weather conditions become unpredictable. Stay safe on the roads this fall by following these tips:

  • Watch out for wet leaves. When leaves become wet they become very slippery and dangerous. Try to avoid braking on wet leaves, when possible. Leaves can also cover up potholes and curbs.
  • Make sure you stay alert. As the days shorten you may find yourself driving home from work in the dark. So be sure to keep an eye out for pedestrians and other drivers.
  • Check your tire pressure. Changes in temperature effects tire pressure, and since in fall the weather can fluctuate, your tires may lose or gain air more frequently.
  • Use your low beams if there's fog. High beams will reflect off the fog, which will affect your visibility.
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