Loud Mufflers Can Signal Exhaust Leaks

Your exhaust system consists of a network of pipes and devices that direct the exhaust gases from your motor. Over time, these parts can fail and develop costly and damaging exhaust gas leaks. Some of these parts fail relatively silently, but broken mufflers tend to make themselves known.

Mufflers come in many different varieties and they fail in different ways, but many older mufflers develop holes. Corrosion, weather, and debris-damage can take a toll on mufflers, and these parts can also develop fitting issues. As this process moves along, you muffler may become increasingly loud.

In addition to being irritating, leaky mufflers can also result in motor damage. As such, it pays to have problem mufflers tended to professionally.

Here at All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Midland in the Midland, TX area, our certified and experienced exhaust system experts can diagnose and repair any of your exhaust system issues. To hear more about our services, swing by our service center today.

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