The Function of the Alternator

Most people get a sick feeling when they turn the key and the car won't turn over. Right away, most people think that the battery is dead, but the problem may not rest entirely with the battery. The problem may be that your vehicle's alternator is having problems.

Your vehicle's alternator has two essential functions. The alternator charges the battery so that it remains at full power. The alternator works with the battery to operate electrical items in the car such as the headlights, sound system and interior lights. If the alternator goes bad, these systems will not function. If you notice that the alternator light or the battery light has come on in your vehicle, you need to get it checked immediately.

If you suspect that you might be having an alternator issue with your vehicle, come into our service center here at All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Midland in Midland, TX for a checkup today. They can check your alternator, battery and starter for any problems.

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