Preventive Maintenance for Your Vehicle Helps Your Health and Wallet

There are parts in your vehicle that are more critical than others. Two of those that are high on the list are your cabin and air filters. These filters eliminate, or reduce, dirt and dust from entering areas that are harmful to you as well as your vehicle.

With the cabin air filter, you’re not only able to get better air quality, but you’re also able to protect your health in the process. Harmful air particles such as mold spores and dust can compromise your health without you even being aware. The cabin air filter is a preventive measure for your health, while the engine air filter is a preventive measure for your wallet.

If you’ve noticed that your fuel efficiency has decreased, it could be because of a dirty engine air filter. Contact All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Midland’s service staff at our location in Midland to schedule your vehicle maintenance and have both filters inspected for quality levels!

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