Interior Features of the Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is a luxurious vehicle that offers a considerable amount of space and amenities. This is a vehicle that will turn heads each time you go out for a drive.

If you have smaller traveling companions, the integrated second-row child booster seats will come in handy. These booster seats are built into the seat and can be folded when they are not needed. Aside from the booster seats for your smaller companions, you will be able to feel like royalty in a six-way power driver seat with four-way power lumbar adjustment.

The amount of storage space is another great benefit the Dodge Journey offers. The cargo area in-floor storage will allow you to store items and keep them out of sight. The fold-flat seats will also allow you to store more of what you want, despite the size of your items. The in-floor storage also doubles as a cooler, allowing you to bring the team to tailgate.

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